Chevy Volt for Planet Sense


We now have this Volt by Chevy and let me say that it is amazing. I always felt like sitting in traffic was such a waste, not only my time but in energy, When the dash says you have 39 miles of Electric range it is pretty dead on and it does not change much weather you are straight hwy or stop and go in the city. City driving is what I do most and It seems t give me a good 3hours + of drive time. A very large portion of my day.

I wanted this car so that I could learn the tech and become part of the solution and this car is a fantastic step in the right direction. I even found a spot to charge it for free, as I am using right now, but that is another article. Very happy about this purchase and didn't even take into account the actual savings. I am already dreaming up ideas where we could invest in further green projects. Like charging it from the sun!

The Volt has certainly proven to be the best first electric car for someone who is not too sure or travels far distances from time to time. Although considered a hybrid, and a good one at that (38.5 mpg on a 400 mile trip with Gas only, this is actual, and the best mpg I have ever gotten consistently) When in the City like me, you will rarely use a drop of gas. I think I am on 5 days without using any gas right now because my lifestyle allows for some flexibility I am able to keep it charged all day while driving 40-80 miles each day. I even find myself driving more considerate and relaxed, but other factors might be in play as well. Still the most sensible intro into the EV world.

10,000 miles later and all I can say is sweet! I love it. I would like it to be more comfortable but I think I am give the interior a make over. I might take it to San Fransisco to work on a web design project so if I can make it a camper car that would be cool.

This volt is priced just right and very close to us, so tomorrow morning I am going to go put some money down to hold it and buy this car to be used for Planet Sense research, marketing and transport ion. At our current financial state a used Volt makes the most sense and later the drive-train can be used in a boat conversion(Volt Bolt) with additional battery capacity and solar charging and such. I truly believe this purchase is completely inline with the vision of Planet Sense.

I will leave updates in the comments below.