Free EV Charging and Parking in Chicago?

I am shocked and amazed that we are living in this day and age everyday, from cells phones, LED lighting, clean energy harnessing and the wild west of the internet we live in a time where anyone with imagination can thrive. I recently learned of another benefit of living in this present moment. If you own an EV you automatically have some additional benefits, outside of that smooth fun way of driving, you might find close parking, free or discounted parking and even free electric. I have got up front parking at the Target in Up Town. I even found a Walgreens in the West loop( at the corner of Halsted and Monroe) that offers 3 hours of free parking and free charge. This works out perfectly for me, I am mobile, I work on my projects and studies from where ever I am but it is best when I am close to downtown Chicago. This allows me to take it back to the coffee house across the street. Then when I need to go somewhere or drive a friend I can just grab the car charged up and do my chore of free power. Then I am able to return to do more work and research while my car sits charging in a safe location. I will keep my eye open for more such location and be sure to inform you about then here. I will most likely make a list of Chicago Charging. Loving this new way of life, especially while I am making some personal improvements. To a get day to be alive!