ComEd Employees Plug-in Electric Truck


CHICAGO, IL- Saw this truck for the first time today and in the process of finding more information. I have contacted ComEd to set up an interview with somebody who uses this truck daily. If that doesn't work, I will try to find this person in action again. There hasn't been much news about ComEd and their electric vehicles since 2009 when the company released their ComEd Electric Vehicle Strategy with a feature on their "Green Fleet and EV Initiatives". I was unable to locate any information about their "Green Fleet" on their company website; however, I did find information on how to register your electric vehicle and install a charge station at your home. According to an article by Automotive Fleet (2011), "ComEd stated that it is further reducing greenhouse gas emissions by utilizing alternative fuel vehicles such as hybrids and soy-based biodiesels in its fleet"; furthermore, this initiative is partnered with their parent company's green campaign, Exelon 2020.

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