Our mission at Planet-Sense is to encourage the demand for products and technology that make the world a better place for future generations. By reporting on sensible solutions that not only help our planet, but make the lives of those who live here better, we hope to educate and inspire people to take part in making Eco-conscious decisions. We appreciate and accept donations to support our mission. We are currently maintaining this website, the Planet-Sense Facebook page, and our Youtube Channel. It is our hope to grow and continue to educate the masses about the joy and practicality of using energy responsible products. You can help us achieve our mission a number of ways:

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Green energy products such as solar panels and wind mills it is our desire to reviews a large variety of these types of products and use them for future research and development.

Electric vehicles of all types, since electric vehicles can be charged from the power of the sun we consider them green vehicles. We would like to review and test electric bikes,skateboards,scooters, motorcycles, cars and trucks and anything else available or invented. If you want to give us or product, let us use or rent yours we would be happy to review your electric vehicle on our website and youtube channel.

Filming equipment, Cameras, drones and other tools including software would be useful and help us achieve our desire for quality productions

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