The Purple Tesla A Prince Would Be Proud of...

CHICAGO,IL- On a recent beautiful Chicago afternoon, I just so happened to spot a gorgeous Tesla- custom painted a shade of purple that had me singing "Purple Rain". As Tesla becomes more and more common place, but still a very cool and a great inspiration, I have been wondering what's next? It's not like adding bigger rims will make it stand apart since the rims are as large as they can get. From talking to over 10 Tesla owners, they have usually recommend the 19-inch wheels to avoid flat tires- which is not a bad idea for Chicago potholes.

When customizing your Tesla, paint it an exotic color instead of opting for the larger rims. That is what this Tesla owner did; however, I did not manage to get an interview. The car comes standard with a state of the art high-quality paint job from the factory. It would be great to talk to this purple Tesla owner and see what his thoughts were behind the paint job. I wonder if he was able to custom order it this way... Did he ship the paint to CA? It seems I am am not the only one who saw it, as there was a user on the Tesla company website who posted in the forums, "Who owns the purple MS I spotted yesterday in Northbrook, IL. Looks sharp" in July 2015.

If you, the owner of this purple Tesla made for a prince, are reading this, please contact me with your answers. Our readers and I would love to know!

Either way, I am happy to have this beautiful picture to share.

Prince: Please let your music be on YOUTUBE!

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